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    holy soldier remastered melodic metal at its finestHOLY SOLDIER - Holy Soldier (Remastered)   
    Finally this classic melodic metal album från 1990 is rereleasd! Melodic Metal at its finest catchy sing along songs and catchy harmonies and riffs. All tracks are remastered, making them sound better than ever. The album also features an exclusive booklet with lots of photos as well as the bonus track In The End. If you love Melodic Hardrock/Metal from the 80s you will definitely this catchy album! ($16/€13)

    shout in your face remastered  melodic metal classic SHOUT - In Your Face (Remastered)  
    Melodic Metal classic with tons of guitar solos, mighty sing along songs and catchy hooks! The album was originally released 1989 and now with the remastered these classics sounds better than ever. A phenomenal album and a true must to all fans of Melodic 80s Metal! ($16/€13)

    shout it wont be long remasteredSHOUT - It Won't Be Long (Remastered)   
    It Won't Be Long is Shout's debut album from 1988. It is now finally rereleased and remastered and filled with commercial melodic hardrock with with catchy hooks and guitar solos a la the 80s.A cool album that besides the original tracks also features four remastered demo tracks. ($16/€13)

    bloodgood detonation remastered special editionBLOODGOOD - Detonation (Special Edition)   
    Bloodgood's second album is loaded to the bone with true 80s Metal. In this special edition these classics have got new life and sounds fresh! Guitar shredder David Zaffiro has remixed and remastered the whole album, making them sound heavier and better than ever! As extra bonus 3 live tracks from 1987 has been added. If you already have this CD I can recommend buying again since it with the remix and remaster "sounds like a new album" according to Michael Bloodgood. ($16/€13)

    Crystavox great melodic 80s metal! CRYSTAVOX - Crystavox (Remastered)
    Very catchy melodic hardrock with cathy hooks and cool guitar solos! All tunes are remastered making them sounding better than ever with a fuller and crisper sound. Fans of real 80 melodic metal definately gonna enjoy this. Check it out if you are into bands like Stryper, Whitecross and melodic 80s hardrock/metal overall. ($16/€13)

    Crystavox the bottom line - great melodic metalCRYSTAVOX - The Bottom Line (Remastered) >
    Heavy, catchy and melodic is 3 words to decribe the sound of this brilliant album! Crystavox second album features a heavier sound than their debut. Great catchy Melodic Metal album with crunchy biting guitars. All tunes are remastered making these great tunes sounds better than ever. Higly recommended to all fans of catchy Melodic Heavy Metal! ($16/€13)

    seventh angel the torment - heavy thrash/doom SEVENTH ANGEL - The Torment (Remastered)
    Very cool Heavy Doom/Thrash from the UK. All tunes are remastered making you hear more details and a fuller sound. If you are into Heavy Thrash & Doom this album will totally blow you away! ($16/€13)

     seventh angel lament for the weary - heavy thrash/doom

    SEVENTH ANGEL - Lament For The Weary (Remastered)
    Second release features a slower yet heavy sound. The remastering making you enjoy it even more than when it was originally released. Cool stuff worthy checking out. ($16/€13)

    stryper God damn evilSTRYPER - God Damn (Condemn) Evil
    Stryper's new album is a great mix of old and new with plenty of catchy hooks,guitar solos, cool screams and a melodic & heavy sound reminding of their two latest albums. Excellent Melodic Metal album that will appeal to both old and new fans!($17/€15)

    Sound clip: The Valley

    deliverance the subversive kidDELIVERANCE - The Subversive Kind
    Deliverance is finally back in Thrash again! This is their fastest album for many years. Cool stuff! ($16/€13)

    Sound clip: The Black Hand

    Vengeance Rising Human Sacrifice the best Thrash Metal album ever!VENGEANCE RISING - Human Sacrifice
    The best Thrash Metal album ever has now been remastered and rereleased! This time with their whole 5-track demo added as extra bonus (all tunes remastered). Fantastic albumand the best Thrash Metal album ever! Fast, heavy, intense razorsharp vocals and lots of variation with non compromising lyrics making this a master piece. ($16/€13)

    Sound clip: From The Dead

    Seventh Angel Demo CollectionSEVENTH ANGEL - Demo Collection
    Their demos have now been remastered and released on CD! With the much improved sound quality we can now finally enjoy some unreleased tracks and different versions of the tunes that were releasedon their albums. Track list: Heed the Warning, In the Name of Christ We Rock, Betrayer, Dr. Hatchet, Divine Takeover, Betrayer, Locked Up In Chains, Forbidden Desire, Seven Angels Parts I and II, I of the Needle, Heed the Warning, Lamentations, The Turning Tide Excellent thrash/doom metal with very heavy guitars! ($16/€13)

    Deliverance  Weapons of Our Warfare for fans of early bay area thrashDELIVERANCE - Weapons of Our Warfare
    A classic! Very Heavy and Melodic Speed Metal for fans of Metallica etc. This classic album has now been remastered. This is a fantastic album and without a doubt one of the best metal albums ever! Fans of classic Bay Area Thrash especially, will totally love this! ($18/€15)

    Soundclip: Flesh and Blood

    Guardian fire and love great melodic hardrock with catchy hooks and some of the best metal ballads ever!GUARDIAN - Fire and Love
    Great melodic hardrock with catchy hooks and some of the best metal ballads ever! All tracks have been remastered and rare bonus track “Take Up Your Cross” has also been added.($16/€13)

    Sound clip: Forever and a Day

    HOLY SOLDIER - Last Train
    Great Melodic Metal now finally remastered and rereleased! Tons of hooks and very catchy overall. If you love Melodic Metal this is a must have! ($16/€13)

    Sound clip: Virtue and Vice

    sacred warrior masters command for fans of early  Queensryche and Fates Warning SACRED WARRIOR - Master's Command
    Finally this awesome Heavy Metal classic has been rereleased! Like Recon this is True Heavy Metal with heavy riffs, great guitar solos, incredible singer and catchy harmonies, in other words excellent Heavy Metal! The album has also been remastered, which has made it even better. The album is both Melodic and Progressive and is an absolute must have to all that enjoy early Queensryche and Fates Warning. This is an outstanding classic and one of the best Heavy Metal albums ever made! ($13/€11 $16/€13)

    If you enjoy vinyl you can also find it on the LP section where it is available on both blue and black vinyl.

    perpetual legacy a new symphony for him symfonisk metal for fans of HB, Nightwish and Epica PERPETUAL LEGACY - A New Symphony For Him

    Great Symphonic Metal from Brazil for fans of HB, Nightwish and Epica! Cool album with a both heavy and symphonic sound. ($13/€11 $16/€13)

    Check out the sound clips below.

    theocracy ghost ship Theocracy - Ghost Ship
    Theocracy is back with a brand new album filled with worldclass Power Metal! A must have for fans of bands like Harmony, Sonata Arctica etc ($16/€13)

    Check out the sound clips below.

    recon behind enemy lines remastered CD RECON - Behind Enemy Lines (Remastered)
    Recon released one studio album only filled with excellent Classic Heavy Metal for fans of bands like Iron Maiden. Finally this classic release has been remastered and it sounds better than ever. If you enjoy True Heavy Metal with heavy riffs, guitar solos, great vocals and catchy hooks this is an album you don't want to miss! ($11/€9)


    a celebration of the death and resurrection easter metal compilation CDA Celebration of the Death and Resurrection
    This is a very cool Easter Metal album! It is a compilation of some of the best Christian Metal tracks focused entirely on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The compilation opens with a brand new message from Pastor Bob from Sanctuary International as he leads us on this musical journey. A portion of the profits from this CD will also be donated to his ministry ‘The Bridge Bunch’ which focuses on feeding the homeless in the Nashville area. www.SanctuaryInternational.comThis exclusive compilation is printed in 300 copies only. It has also been completely remastered by George Ochoa (Worldview, Deliverance, Recon) especially for this release.Check out this amazing CD, I am sure it will inspire you both musically and lyrically. Excellent Easter Metal album that I have been longing for for years! ($16/€13)

    Track listing:
    1. A Message From Pastor Bob Beeman
    2. Bloodgood – Crucify
    3. Neon Cross – Son of God
    4. Sacred Warrior – He Died
    5. Worldview – The Last Cry
    6. Theocracy – 30 Pieces of Silver
    7. X-Sinner – World Covered In Blood
    8. Saint – Crucified
    9. Ultimatum – Violence and Bloodshed
    10. Grave Forsaken – Death on the Cross
    11. Deliverance – Flesh and Blood
    12. Vengeance Rising – Human Sacrifice
    13. Tourniquet – If I Was There
    14. Recon – Alive
    15. Bloodgood – The Messiah


    bloodgood out of the darkness remastered CD BLOODGOOD - Out of the Darkness (Remastered)
    Finally this Heavy Metal classic have been re-issued! It has also been remastered which makes it sound better than ever. The is Bloodgood's best and heaviest album filled to the bone with catchy hooks and great guitar solos - in other words Classic Melodic Heavy Metal at its best.Fantastic album and one of the best Heavy Metal albums ever! ($13/€11)


    Out of the Darkness

    Let My People Go

    bloodgood rock in a hard place remastered cd BLOODGOOD - Rock in a Hard Place (Remastered)
    Bloodgood's third album and the last one with guitar player David Zaffiro. When it was first recorded there was something wrong with the mixer, so almost no bass was recorded! This has now finally been corrected and the whole album remastered making it both heavier and better than ever. All in all this is a really good melodic hardrock album with plenty of catchy harmonies and guitar solos to enjoy. ($16/€13)


    Never Be The Same


    david benson premonition of doom DAVID BENSON - Premonition of Doom
    David Benson's third and best album is heavy and catchy Doom Metal that is strongly recommended to fans of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath! ($16/€13)

    Whitecross 1987 goldWHITECROSS - 1987 (Gold edition)
    Rerecording of the debut album with much much better production and a heavier sound. The album also features the tune Love on the Line as well as two new guitar solos (one of them is exclusivefor this Gold Edition release).Very good guitar metal with tons of solos and lots of true 80s Metal feel! ($16/€13)

    Soundclip: Love on the Line

    stryper fallen CDSTRYPER - Fallen
    Stryper is back with one of their best releases ever!! The sound is heavier and the tunes are filled to the bone with catchy hooks and tasty guitar solos. In other words Melodic Metal at its best.Wow, what a great album this is! Highly recommended and definately the album of the year 2015. If you love Melodic Metal and wants to buy the best album of the year - thisis the album to get! ($19/€16)


    King of Kings


    eden original sinSCREAM IN EDEN - Original Sin
    This is a hidden jewel in Melodic Metal! It was originally released on the name Eden - Fan The Flame back in the 90s when metal was not as popular and therefore many missed this great release. Rex Carroll, that master shredder from Whitecross plays the guitar on the album and you can definately hear influences from Whitecross in the band's sound.Very cool album filled with catchy chooks, shredding guitar solos and some blues influences. Great stuff and definately a must have if you are into bands like Whitecross, Bloodgood, Holy Soldier, Tesla, Dokken and Stryper! ($10/€8)

    Soundclip: Forgotten Child

    worldview chosen fewWORLDVIEW - The Chosen Few
    Rey Parra, the former vocalist of Sacred Warrior has teamed up with George Ochoa from Recon and formed this cool band.The band has a unique sound mixing melodic/progressive metal with some oriental influences. Cool stuff. Check it out. ($13/€11)

    Soundclip: The Last Cry

    northern flame glimpse of hopeNORTHERN FLAME - Glimpse of Hope
    Wow! If you enjoy fantastic guitar solos and great melodies this is the album for you! The band is fronted by guitar shredder Niclas Buss from Hilastherion and this is some of the very best I have heard in Melodic Metal for years. Definately a must have if you are into bands like Whitecross, Bloodgood and Stryper! Just check out the intro of the sound clip below and you will understand what I talk about. ($19/€16) Soundclip: At the Shores of Pitkajarvi

    letter 7 trustSTRYPER - Live at the Whisky CD/DVD
    Great CD/DVD filled with both new and old classics! It was recorded in the club Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles 2013.Excellent sound quality and great live feel! ($20/€17)

    Disc: 1 (CD)
    1. Legacy
    2. Marching Into Battle
    3. You Know What To Do
    4. Loud N' Clear
    5. Reach Out
    6. Calling On You
    7. Free
    8. More Than A Man
    9. The Rock That Makes Me Roll
    10. No More Hell To Pay
    11. Jesus Is Just Alright
    12. Always There For You
    13. All For One
    14. The Way
    15. To Hell With The Devil
    16. Soldiers Under Command

    Disc: 2 (DVD)
    1. Legacy
    2. Marching Into Battle
    3. You Know What To Do
    4. Loud N' Clear
    5. Reach Out
    6. Calling On You
    7. Free
    8. More Than A Man
    9. The Rock That Makes Me Roll
    10. No More Hell To Pay
    11. Jesus Is Just Alright
    12. Always There For You
    13. All For One
    14. The Way
    15. To Hell With The Devil
    16. Soldiers Under Command
    17. No More Hell To Pay (Video)
    18. Sympathy (Video)
    19. Nashville All Access (Intervju)

    letter 7 trustLETTER 7 - Trust
    Classic Melodic Metal with cathy hooks and great guitar solos in true 80s Metal style.Definately an album for fans of bands like Bloodgood, Stryper and Whitecross. ($16/€13)

    Soundfile: Don't Fall Away

    deliverance hear what I sayDELIVERANCE - Hear What I SayClassic Speed Metal band Deliverance have finally released a new album. The album features Jayson Sherlock from Horde and Mortification on drums!Musically speaking this albums is a mix of Speed Metal and the sound on their later albums. The result is the best Deliverance album for years! ($16/€13)

    The Annals of Subterfuge

    stryper no more hell to paySTRYPER - No More Hell To Pay  
    Yes! The classic Stryper sound is now back again in full force! Tasty guitar solos, tons of catchy hooks, heavy riffs and amazing falsetto screamsand much 80s metal feel makes this the best studio album the band has released since To Hell With The devil! A must have for anyone into Melodic Metal. The album contains 11 rockers and one ballad only. Soundwise this is also one of Stryper's heaviest ever. This is the exclusive version containg both CD and DVD. ($20/€17)

    theocracy remasteredTHEOCRACY -Theocracy
    Theocracy delivers worldclass Melodic Power Metal with some progressive influences. This is the band's debut album that now have been remixed, remastered and most importantly the drum machine has now been replaced by a real drummer!Excellent album for all that enjoy melodic and progresive metal. Matt Smith sings and plays all instrument (except drums) all by himself. Impressing to say the least! ($16/€13)

    Soundclips: Theocracy remixed teaser

    bloodgood dangerously close BLOODGOOD - Dangerously Close
    Finally a new album with Classic Metal band Bloodgood. New member in the band is now guitar player Oz Fox! He now plays in both Stryper and Bloodgood.($13/€11)

    Soundclip: Lamb of God

    sacred warrior waiting in darknessSACRED WARRIOR - Waiting In Darkness
    Classic Heavy Metal band Sacred Warrior has returned with a new album!Soundwise it is catching, melodic and progressive Heavy Metal with a modern touch. New singer Eli Prinsen sings great and his voice fits the band perfectly. This is album that just grows and grows and gets better and better the more you listen to it. ($16/€13)


    The Metal For Jesus album has been produced by me Christian Liljegren. It is a cool special alubm containing the best of Swedish Melodic Christian Metal! It is filled to the bone with tunes of highest calibre. All the tracks have also been exclusivally remastered for this album. The Metal For Jesus CD contains 17 tunes and almost 78 minutes of music!

    I have spent much time in prayer when I chose the tunes and I have also written comments to the lyrics. The album is a concept album with the theme "Metal For Jesus" where I describe how and why it works well to combine Christian faith and Metal and what Christian faith is really all about.

    This is a perfect give-away-album to friends that you want to introduce to both Christian faith and quality Christian Metal. Even though you might have heard the tunes before I am sure you will be both blessed and inspired by this album. Since I want this album to reach out to as many as possible I sell it for a special price for ($13/€11) Also, if you want to buy more copies to give away to friends, outreaches etc you can buy it for just $7/€6 each if you buy at least 5 copies.

    • Narnia - People of the Bloodred Cross
    • Narnia – Living Water
    • Narnia – Long Live The King
    • Audiovision – The Way
    • Audiovision – We Will go
    • Divinefire – Divinefire
    • Divinefire – Live My Life For You
    • Golden Resurrection – Proud To Wear The Holy Cross
    • Modest Attraction – Down On My Knees
    • Golden Resurrection – The Final Day
    • Golden Resurrection – God’s Mercy
    • Divinefire – Never Surrender
    • Golden Resurrection – Flaming Youth
    • Golden Resurrection - Golden Resurrection
    • Divinefire – Open Your Eyes
    • Divinefire – Bright Morning Star
    • Divinefire – The Way To Eternity


    Stryper Second coming
    STRYPER - Second Coming
    New recordings of 14 classics from the first 3 albums + 2 brand new tracks. Fantastic album with worldclass production!($16/€13)

    Check out the sound clips: (Soldiers Under Command) (The Rock That Makes Me Roll) (More Than A Man)
    Second Coming (promo)

    Affector Harmagedon
    AFFECTOR - Harmagedon
    If your are into Progressiv Metal a la Dream Theatre this is the album for you! The band consists of very skilled musicians from bands like Symphony X and Neil Morse. Guests on the album are Neal Morse and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater). Harmagedon is a theme album focuing on the book of Revelation in the Bible. Very good and professional album for all that loves Progressive Metal!If you have been longing for a Christian band in the same calibre of Dream Theater this is the band you have been waiting for.($18/€15)

    Soundfile: Harmagedeon

    Metallmässa SanctusMETALLMÄSSA - Sanctus
    Finally a new Metal worship album! As their last one this EP contains a mix of classics and more unknown tunes all sung in Swedish.A very good EP that I gladly can recommend! ($13/€11)


    bred dina vida vingar

    sorgen och glädjen

    Tourniquet  Antiseptic BloodbathTOURNIQUET - Antiseptic Bloodbath
    Tourniquet is back with a new album filled to the bone with progressive and experimental Thrash with plenty other influences and surprises. ($18/€15)

    Soundfile: antiseptic bloodbath

    Adiastasia  Life War ADIASTASIA - Life War
    Excellent band from Brazil playing symphonic power metal! The sound sounds very German spiced up with some symphonic influences.Recommended for all that enjoy melodisc metal/power metal and want to check out something new. Fans of Helloween and Stravarious especially will love this. ($10/€8)

    Soundclip: eternal life

    Barren Cross  State of ControlBARREN CROSS - State of Control
    Reissue of Barren Cross best album! Melodic and progressive heavy metal from the band that often is compared to Iron Maiden. ($18/€15)

    Soundfile: Crying over you

    Bloodgood  To Germany With Love BLOODGOOD - To Germany With Love
    Bloodgood's classic live album now finally restocked! CD contains tracks from all their albums and total play time is 70 minutes. The album is filled with tons of great melodies and guitar solos. A must have for Bloodgood fans as well as all others that enjoy Classic 80s Metal! ($18/€15)


    Bloodgood  DetonationBLOODGOOD - Detonation
    Bloodgood's second album is among many rated as their best, filled to the bone with true classic metal. It has now been remastered which makes this classic sound better than ever.($18/€15)


    Boanerges  Senales Antes Del Fin BOANERGES - Senales Antes Del Fin
    Flashing guitar solos from two guitar shredders makes this an excellent album. Very tasty guitar solos and great Classic Metal from Argentina($10/€8)

    el tiempo final
    la profecia cumplida

    Bride  Snakes In The Playground BRIDE - Snakes In The Playground
    Bride's best album! Great rough melodic metal! A must have for fans of Guns'n'Roses. ($18/€15)


    Psychedelic Super Jesus


    Bride  Live at Cornerstone 2001BRIDE - Live at Cornerstone 2001 
    Great live album recorded 2001 on the festival Cornerstone in USA. Bride rocks hard with classics from golden 80s! A fantastic album showing Bride at their best. Dale screams just like on the good ole days and the albums contains plenty of hits from their first albums. CD is limited edition so be sure to get it while it still lasts... ($13/€11)

    Soundclip: Until The End We Rock

    Deliverance DeliveranceDELIVERANCE - Deliverance
    Finally Deliverance's classic debut has been reissued! Great speed metal for fans of Metallica etc. The album has been remastered and the bonus tracks A Space Call You and Attack have been added.Excellent album and one I higly can recommend. ($18/€15)


    if you will


    Deliverance  What A JokeDELIVERANCE - What A Joke
    Deliverance third album has a heavier sound and also shows that they have humor. The music however is no joke, but non compromisingSpeed/Thrash Metal. Among other tracks the album contains Silent Night in Speed Metal version! This has to be the best Metal Christmas tune ever! ($16/€13)


    Pseudo Intellectual

    Silent Night (In True Metal style!)

    Deliverance As Above  So Below DELIVERANCE - As Above - So Below
    Album contains a mix of speed metal and progressive metal spiced up with some tasty guitar solos. ($13/€11)

    as above so below

    Deliverance  Live at Cornerstone 2001DELIVERANCE - Live at Cornerstone 2001 
    Deliverance rocks hard with tons of speed metal classics! ($13€11)

    Driver - Countdown DRIVER - Countdown
    Melodic Metal with Rob Rock! This is the band's second album filled with pure 80s Metal with nice melodies and guitar solos. Among others album features Roy Z and Ed Roth. ($16/€13)

    Feel The Fire

    Driver Sons of ThunderDRIVER - Sons Of Thunder
    Amazingly good melodic metal with Rob Rock! Truly 80s Metal at its best! ($13/€11)


    fly away

    I'm A Warrior

    HB  Jesus Metal ExplosionHB - Jesus Metal Explosion
    Good symphonic Nightwish-influenced Metal with female vocals. ($18/€15)

    it is time

    joy upon the Lord

    HB  Frozen Inside HB - Frozen Inside
    Wellproduced symphonic metal from Finland for fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation. Very good album with nice female vocals for all fans of symphonic metal! ($18/€15)


    God has all Glory

    It is Time

    Joshua Resurrection (Collectors edition) JOSHUA - Resurrection (Collectors edition)
    This is the band that released the classic Melodic Metal album Intense Defense. Resurrection continues in the same style and is filled with enjoyable melodies and flashing guitar solos that makes you think of the golden 80s. Compared to Intense Defense this album is also slightly heavier. Very good CD that keeps getting better the more you listen to it. Heavily recommended for all fans of Melodic Metal. It is released in limited edition of 888 copies only and contains 2 exclusive bonus tracks. All copies are personally signed by Joshua Perahia and an exklusive Joshua pick is also included. ($26/€22)

    blood on the nile

    Kreyson  Angel On The RunKREYSON - Angel On The Run
    Kreyson hails from Czech Republic and plays very good true classic heavy metal with enjoyable harmonies, guitar solosand to say it short classic 80s metal at its best! This is the band's first album that now finally have been reissued.Bloodgood fans especially will love this. ($16/€13)

    Soundfile: Kreyson

    Kreyson  CrusadersKREYSON - Crusaders
    Crusaders is Kreyson second album filled with true 80s Metal. Definately something to check in for fans of melodic metal. ($16/€13)

    Soundfile: Stay a Moment

    Kreyson - 20 Years of KreysonKREYSON - 20 Years of Kreyson
    Kreyson plays excellent Classic Heavy Metal with great hooks, guitar solos and truly 80s metal at its best! This album is a fantastic collection and a perfect introduction to this classic metal band. Fans of Bloodgood especially, will love this. ($16/€13)

    Soundfile: Cry Out

    Mastedon It's A Jungle Out ThereMASTEDON - It's A Jungle Out There
    Classic album that finally have been remastered and rereleased! Excellent melodic hardrock with tasty guitar solos and catchy hooks! It also contains 3 exclusive bonus tracks. Thanks to the remaster the sound is now heavier and have more punch that it was on the original. A must have for all that are into melodic hardrock/metal! ($18/€15)

    it's a jungle out there.ram (140 Kr)

    Metallmässa  Himmelsväg - Lovsångs Metal!METALLMÄSSA - Himmelsväg
    Finally a worship album in Metal style that is good all the way! This is worship with heaviness and great guitars. Truly a fantastic album all the way through!Contains both classics and unknown tunes all sung in Swedish. ($18/€15)

    Härlig är Jorden

    Himmelsväg (live clip)

    Oratorio  The Reality of ExistenceORATORIO - The Reality of Existence
    Don't be fooled by the cover! This is pure Melodic Power/Heavy Metal with tons of hooks and guitar solos! Sounds something like a combination of Stryper and Seventh Avenue. Really good album from Finland.($13/€11)

    Petra - This Means War PETRA This Means War (25 years edition)
    Reissue of Petra's classic rock album from 1987. The album has been remastered and also contains 3 bonus tracks (solos with Bob Hartman, John Lawry and Louie Weaver from Captured in time and space). Great commercial melodic rock with catchy sing-alon-choruses and nice hooks. Definately one of Petra's best albums! Produced by John & Dino Elefante. ($16/€13)

    He came, He saw, He conquered

    Petra  Jekyll & HydePETRA - Jekyll & Hyde
    Very Heavy album by Petra! Contains no keyboards and riffs are mega heavy. Highly recommended! ($18/€15)


    Jekyll and Hyde

    Test of Time

    Place of Skulls  As A Dog ReturnsPLACE OF SKULLS - As A Dog Returns
    Excellent Doom Metal from the USA! Very good album with worship lyrics and very heavy riffs. Highly recommended to fans of Veni Domine's album Fall Babylon Fall as well as well to all that enjoy pure Doom Metal. ($7/€6 $16/€13)


    Breath of Life

    Rob Rock  Garden of ChaosROB ROCK - Garden of Chaos
    Rob Rock's best solos album, is filled to the bone with Melodic Metal. Main guitar player is no less than shredder Carl Johan Grimmarkfrom Narnia. ($13/€11)

    Sacred Warrior - RebellionSACRED WARRIOR - Rebellion
    The band's first album is good catchy classic metal with falsetto vocals and progressive influences.Their vocalist is often compared to Geoff Tate of Queensryche.Album have been remastered which make it sound better than ever.($16/€13)

    mad world

    master of lies

    BELIEVER - Sanity Obscure
    Thrash Metal classic! Contains bonus track IYF. A must have for all fans of Technical Thrash. ($18/€15)

    dust to dust

    Saint  Desperate Night SAINT - Desperate Night
    Great Classic Heavy Metal with heavy riffs, catchy harmonies and guitar solos! Definately a must have for all fans of Heavy Metal generally and especially fans of Judas Priest will totally enjoy this! Excellent production and the best album with Saint since Too Late For Living. ($18/€15)

    in the fray

    Saint Too Late For Living SAINT - Too Late For Living
    True Heavy Metal from this legendary band. Music is Heavy, guitar solos is shredding and lyrics are often taken from the book of Revelation. A true mega classic and a must have to all who enjoys True Heavy Metal! This is Heavy Metal at its best. The album has now been remastered which makes you hear the details in the music better and more punch to the drums. One of the best Heavy Metal albums ever! Fans of Judas Priest especially will totally enjoy this classic. ($13/€11)

    too late for living

    Saint Times End SAINT - Times End
    Cool Heavy Heavy Metal album remastered making this album even better. ($16/€13)

    primed and ready

    Saint  Warriors of the SonSAINT - Warriors of the Son
    Saint's first album remastered and rereleased. ($13/€11)

    plan 2

    Saint  In the BattleSAINT - In The Battle
    Saint's comeback CD is now remastered which makes this great album even better. Cool Heavy Metal CD and must for all that enjoy Too Late For Living and Time's End! ($16/€13)


    Saint  Warriors of the Son SAINT - Warriors of the Son
    Rerecording of Saint's first album with much better sound quality. Also contains two previously unreleased bonus tracks! Cool Classic Heavy Metal. ($13/€11)

    plan 2

    Saint  Live 05 SAINT - Live 05
    Cool live album containing classics from most of their albums. ($11/€9)

    holy rollin'

    Seventh Avenue  Between The WorldsSEVENTH  AVENUE - Between The Worlds      
    Great German Power Metal filled with hooks! Best Metal album 2002. ($13/€11)


    Angels Eyes

    A Step Between the Worlds

    Stryper - The CoveringSTRYPER - The Covering
    Cool cover album where Stryper do own versions of band that influenced them musically. Contains great covers of bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Van Halen. But the best track is Stryper's brand new track God that contains a fantastic guitar solo! ($20/€17)

    highway star


    Stryper  7 Weeks: Live in America 2003STRYPER - 7 Weeks: Live In America, 2003
    Live CD recorded on their comeback tour in the USA featuring 13 hits. Very good sound quality and a fantastic album showing why the band has sold over 7 million albums! ($13€11)

    the way
    caught in the middle
    makes me wanna sing

    Stryper  7STRYPER - Seven
    Great collection with 16 hits and two new tracks! An awesome album from an awesome band! It also works great as introduction to this classic metal band that put Christian Metal on the map.($16/€13)

    Stryper  Can't Stop The RockSTRYPER - Can't Stop The Rock 
    Collection with hits like Soldiers Under Command, Free, In God We Trust och To Hell With The Devil. It also contains two new tracks exclusive for this album!What makes the CD special is also the cool lyric sheet that contains plenty of pictures as well as info about their singles and videos. A very good collection and a perfect introduction to the best Melodic Metal band ever.($13/€11)

    Stryper  Murder By PrideSTRYPER - Murder By Pride 
    Really good album with tons of hooks, falsetto screams and great guitar solos.sköna gitarrsolon. Have two versions of the album. One of them is the exclusive USA-version in digipack ($13/€11))and the other one is European version with bonus track. ($7/€6)

    murder by pride

    Stryper  Roxx RegimeSTRYPER - Roxx Regime
    Roxx Regime is what the band was called from the beginning, before changing it to Stryper. With modern technology the band's original demo has been transfered to CD making it sound much better now than it did from the beginning. The sound is rawer and more unpolished than the Stryper albums and features From Wrong to Right, My Love I'll Always Show (rock version!),Loud N Clear, You Know What To Do, You Won’t Be Lonely, Co’mon Rock, Tank (Robert Sweet drum solo!), Honestly (the original demo version).Very catchy and good album! ($20/€17)

    Stryper  The Yellow And Black AttackSTRYPER - The Yellow And Black Attack 
    Stryper's classic debut that put Christian Metal on the map. Melodic Heavy Metal with amazing melodies, sing along choruses and guitar solos. If you enjoy Melodic Metal this album should not be missed in your collection. denna skiva inte saknas i din skivsamling. ($16/€13)

    Stryper  Soldiers Under CommandSTRYPER - Soldiers Under Command 
    Melodic Metal at its best! A time less classic and must to anyone into Melodic Metal! ($16/€13)

    Stryper To Hell With The DevilSTRYPER - To Hell With The Devil 
    Stryper's third album has sold over 1,5 million copies! Fantastic melodic Metal Classic that you don't wanna miss! If you love catchy guitar solos and hooks this is the album for you. In other words this is Melodic 80s Metal at its best! ($16/€13)

    Stryper  In God We TrustSTRYPER - In God We Trust 
    More commercial than other Stryper albums, but yet Melodic Hardrock at its finest. ($16/€13)

    in God we trust

    Stryper  Reborn STRYPER - Reborn
    Stryper's comeback album! It sounds kinda like a cross between Against the Law and Michael Sweet's solo album Truth. It is available in two versions, one European and one American both featuring some tracks but with different covers. ($7/€6)

    Theocracy  As The World BleedsTHEOCRACY - As The World Bleeds
    Theocracy is the band that always do albums of highest quality, both musically and lyrically. Production on this cd is top notch and it is filled with catchy hooks and flashing Power Metal. Compared to Mirror of Souls the sound is heavier and more progressive. Fantastic album and one I gladly can recommend! Best metal album 2011! ($18/€15)

    Soundfile: 30 Pieces of Silver

    Theocracy  Mirror of SoulsTHEOCRACY - Mirror of Souls
    Theocracy's second album is a fantastic good metal album filled to the bone with catchy hooks, mighty choirs,excellent production and overallMelodic/Progressive Power Metal at its best. To say it short this is a worldclass metal album and the best album of 2008! ($18/€15)


    On Eagles Wings

    Absolution Day

    TOURNIQUET - Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
    Tourniquet's best album has been remastered and rereleased. As extra bonus to live tracks have also been added. Very good experimental and progressive Thrash with a bunch of influences from classic music. ($18/€15)


    Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance

    Theodicy on Trial

    Vengeance Rising  Human SacrificeVENGEANCE RISING - Human Sacrifice
    Finally this classic has been rereleased!It has also been remastered making this Thrash Metal Classic to sound better than ever! A fantastic album with bonecrushing, noncompromising and varied Thrash. This is the classic of classics and an absolute must have for anyone that loves Thrash! It will appeal to many that usually don't enjoy thrash since it is so varied, catchy and melodic. When thrash is this good it sweeps the floor with evertyhing else!This is the classic of classics!($18/€15)


    From The Dead

    Fatal Delay

    Vengeance Rising  Once DeadVENGEANCE RISING - Once Dead
    The band's second album continues in the same style and the first with noncompromising music and lyrics (features over 100 quotes from the Bible).Very good and varied Thrash and an album I highly can recommend.The album has also been remastered, making this classic sounding better than ever. ($16/€13)


    Out of the Will

    The Whipping Post

    the wrath to come

    X-Sinner  World Covered In BloodX-SINNER - World Covered In Blood
    X-Sinner is a great band that with lots of catchy hooks and tons of energy which really shows on this their latest album. Fans of AC/DC, Cinderella and Def Leppard will love them! ($20/€17)

    Soundfiles: World Covered in Blood

    That Ain't Me

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