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    XT revivedXT - Revived 
    XT is back with a new album! This time they have rerecord classic tracks from the first three albums. With their new lineup including hammond organ the tracks now sounds fresh and alive. Great Melodic Metal! ($16/€14)

    1. The Rock in my life
    2. Standing for Jesus Christ
    3. The Silent cry
    4. Got love
    5. The Battle
    6. Call Your name
    7. I want love
    8. On the run
    9. Looking for love
    10. Face to face
    11. Cant live without You
    12. One way to heaven

    narnia we still believe - professional live album recorded in Brazil!

    NARNIA - We Still Believe (Live) CD/LP
    Brilliant live album with an amazing sound quality! It is recorded in Brazil with a very enthusiastic crowd that loudly sings along to every tune. Wow! To listen to this live album truly makes you feel like are in the audience. A fantastic live album and one of the best, ever! Available on both CD and gatefold double LP. CD cost €17/$20 and the double LP goes for €30/$35.

    Tracking list:
    01 – Inner Sanctum
    02 – The Mission
    03 – Reaching For The Top
    04 – Shelter Through The Pain
    05 – No More Shadows From The Past
    06 – I Still Believe
    07 – Messengers
    08 – Drum Solo
    09 – Guitar Solo
    10 – The Awakening
    11 – Long Live The King
    12 – Into This Game
    13 – Living Water

    All the six first albums with Jerusalem have now been rereleased! Volume 1, Volume 2, Warrior, Can't Stop Us Now, Live in USA and Dancing on the Head of the Serpent have all been remastered, which make you hear more details and a crisper sound. There are also some bonus tracks added included Covered by Blood on the Dancing album. Albums costs $16/€14 each excepts Dancing that costs $18/€16 (Double CD featuring both the European and the American mix!). Very professional and exclusive editions with cool thick booklets and an excellent sound. These classics have never sound this good before! A definite must have for all Jerusalem fans! Highly recommended also for fans of catchy 70s/80s Melodic Hardrock/Metal like Kiss, Scorpions and Deep Purple.

    All For The King progressiv hårdrock för fans av Kings X. ALL FOR THE KING - All For The King
    Cool new band playing Progressive Hardrock. A must have for fans of Progressive Hardrock, especially King's X fans are gonna love this! ($16/€14)

    XT saved by the bloodXT - Saved By The Blood
    XT is back with a new album! Björn Stigsson of Leviticus and Sonny Larsson (Motherlode)have once again teamed up to make some new Melodic Metal. This time they have been joined by Mick Nordström (Modest Attraction), Dan Tibell (Jerusalem) and Peter Carlsohn (Jerusalem). Very strong album musically and lyrically that sounds like a combination of the classic XT sound with some Jerusalem influence thrown in. Cool stuff and a great album overall! Maybe this is the metal album of the year? ($16/€14)

    cell 9CELL 9 - The Devil's Feast
    Torbjörn and Thomas Weinesjö of Veni Domine have together with Niklas Wilhelmsson formed this heavy band. Of course you here some influences from Veni Domine but mostly this a brand new fresh and heavy sound. ($16/€14)

    NARNIA - Narnia
    The new Narnia album is the best since Long Live The King! Great Melodic Metal album with catchy hooks and fantastic guitar solos. ($19/€16)

      Check out the sound clips below!


    Bjorn Stigsson a new beginningBJORN STIGSSON - A New Beginning
    New solo album from the guitar player of Leviticus! Björn is a underrated and skilled guitar player, something he truly shows on this album.Musically it is different than Leviticus and sounds like an own mix of bands like Deep Purple, Rush, Pink Floyd and Genesis. ($16/€14)

    Leviticus Box In His ServiceLEVITICUS - In His Service Box CD (Remastered)
    Classical Swedish Metal band Leviticus has 35 years anniversary and celebrates it by releasing a cool box! The box contains all their 4 studio albums as well as a DVD recorded on Bobfest!All albums have been remastered by Leviticus guitar player Björn Stigsson. The box also features several bonus tracks. This is a must have for any fan of Leviticus and Melodic Metal!($25/€22)

    Veni Domine  material sanctuaryVENI DOMINE - Material Sanctuary
    Got ahold of some copies of this cool album that is now out of print! Be sure to get it before they are gone if you enjoy Slow Heavy Majestic Doom Metal with heavy riffs and medieval monk choirs. Highly recommmended for fans of bands like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus. ($14/€11)


    harmony remembrance HARMONY - Remembrance

    Cool exclusive EP featuring the new vocalist singing 4 classics from first album as well as two exclusive tracks for this EP only! Great Melodic and Progressive Metal. ($7/€6)


    harmony theatre of redemption box HARMONY - Theatre of Redemption Box

    Cool exclusive black wooden box limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Includes the CD and booklet, a Harmony guitar pick, a sticker, a postcard and an exclusive "The History of Harmony" 20-page booklet. ($25/€22)

    harmony theatre of redemption HARMONY - Theatre of Redemption

    Finally a new album with Harmony! As their previous albums it is loaded to the bone with great melodic metal with cool gitarrsolos and a progressive touch.

    Hear for yourself what they sound like at http://youtu.be/kAoy6R0Wnts ($19/€16)

    empire 21 EMPIRE 21 - Selftitled

    This is Carl Johan Grimmarks (Narnia, Rob Rock etc) brand new metal band which also features persons like Tobias Enbert (Harmony), Ricard Hulteke and more.Very good modern melodic/progressive metal with strong choruses and tasty guitar solos! Definitively a must have if your inte the sound of Narnia's album Course of a Generation. .

    Listen to soundclips at http://youtu.be/JsMKG1jOp7c ($19/€16)

    messenger perfect stormMESSSENGER - Perfect Storm
    EP with the new wonder of Swedish Melodic Metal. A very good album with a lot of melodic 80s Metal feel. It also contains a fantastic metal version of O Store Gud (How Great Thou Art)! ($10/€9 $13/€11)


    jerusalem remastered box JERUSALEM - BOX WITH THE FIRST THREE ALBUMS
    The Hardrock pioneers Jerusalem have now released a really cool box with their first 3 albums!They are also remastered which make them sound better than ever. Definately a must have for all Jerusalem fans and for all into Melodic 70s/80s Metal! ($25/€22)

    The Metal For Jesus album has been produced by me and Christian Liljegren. It is a cool special alubm containing the best of Swedish Melodic Christian Metal! It is filled to the bone with tunes of highest calibre. All the tracks have also been exclusivally remastered for this album. The Metal For Jesus CD contains 17 tunes and almost 78 minutes of music!

    I have spent much time in prayer when I chose the tunes and I have also written comments to the lyrics. The album is a concept album with the theme "Metal For Jesus" where I describe how and why it works well to combine Christian faith and Metal and what Christian faith is really all about.

    This is a perfect give-away-album to friends that you want to introduce to both Christian faith and quality Christian Metal. Even though you might have heard the tunes before I am sure you will be both blessed and inspired by this album. Since I want this album to reach out to as many as possible I sell it for a special price for ($13/€11)

    Also, if you want to buy more copies to give away to friends, outreaches etc you can buy it for just $7/€6 each (!) if you buy at least 5 copies.

    • Narnia - People of the Bloodred Cross
    • Narnia – Living Water
    • Narnia – Long Live The King
    • Audiovision – The Way
    • Audiovision – We Will go
    • Divinefire – Divinefire
    • Divinefire – Live My Life For You
    • Golden Resurrection – Proud To Wear The Holy Cross
    • Modest Attraction – Down On My Knees
    • Golden Resurrection – The Final Day
    • Golden Resurrection – God’s Mercy
    • Divinefire – Never Surrender
    • Golden Resurrection – Flaming Youth
    • Golden Resurrection - Golden Resurrection
    • Divinefire – Open Your Eyes
    • Divinefire – Bright Morning Star
    • Divinefire – The Way To Eternity

    Metal For Jesus - promo

    Golden Resurrection One Voice For The Kingdom
    GOLDEN  RESURRECTION - One Voice For The Kingdom
    This album is heavier than their previous and contains plenty of nice guitar solos in the veins of their first album. Definately a musch have for all that love Melodic Metal! ($18/€15)


    Messenger  Heart and MindMESSENGER - Heart and Mind
    Messenger is a brand new cool melodic metal band with plenty of potential! This 6-track EP is filled with great hooks and evangelical lyricsand is an album that makes you glad and inspired! Besides their own tunes the band has also done a phenomenal cover of Simon Ådahl's track "Bed för Sverige" (Pray for Sweden). The band is filled with potential and I can really recommend this album for all that are into melodic metal and wants to check out a new good band.. ($8/€7)

    eternal life

    Audiovision  FocusAUDIOVISION - Focus
    Very good album with classic metal influenced by both 70s and 80s Metal. The features members from both Narnia, Modest Attraction amd Veni Domine. CD is filled with nice catchy melodies and guitar solos. Stongly recommended! ($10/€9)

    we will go

    the way (Stryper cover!)

    Chained  Grateful SinnerCHAINED - Grateful Sinner
    Chained is a band recommended for all that enjoy groovy thrash in the veins of Pantera. ($7/€6)

    Chained - live

    Divinefire  Eye of the StormDIVINEFIRE - Eye of the Storm
    Divinefire's comeback album! This time both German Pascual and Christian Liljegren are singin. As previous albums this one is a nice mix of melodic and brutal. ($7/€6)

    masters & slaves

    Divinefire  FarewellDIVINEFIRE - Farewell
    Yet another great album with this amazing band and their cool mix of melodic and brutal! ($16/€13)

    grow and follow

    Divinefire  Hero DIVINEFIRE - Hero        
    An excellent album with fast, very melodic and heavy symfonic metal. A fantastic album and one I fully can recommend. A classic! ($16/€13)

    leaving the shadows

    Divinefire Into A New DimensionDIVINEFIRE - Into A New Dimension
    Divinefire's third album filled with their nice mix of melodic and brutal.($16/€13)


    Divinefire  Glory Thy NameDIVINEFIRE - Glory Thy Name
    Excellent debut album! Fast, heavy and melodic metal with plenty of symphonic influence. This is a perfect album album for all that are looking for a Christian band in the league of Rhapsody and Masterplan. ($16/€13)

    never surrender

    Golden Resurrection Glory To My KingGOLDEN RESURRECTION - Glory To My King
    Fantastic melodic metal album! Vocalist is Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Divinefire, Audiovision) and guitar is the guitar shredder Tommy Johansson from ReinXeed. The album is a smorgasbord with catchy hooks and amazing guitar solos that makes you think of early Narnia, Stryper, Europe etc. This is without a doubt the best metal album 2010 and a must have for all that loves melodic metal! ($14/€11)

    see my commands

    the final day

    Golden Resurrection  Man With A MissionGOLDEN RESURRECTION - Man With A Mission
    Melodic metal band Golden Resurrection is back again with a new album loaded to the bone with catchy hooks and tasty guitar solos! This timethe sound is more symphonic and sounds like a combination of the band's first album & Flagship. Epic, melodic and symphonicalbum that solidifies the band as one of the leading bands in Melodic Metal. Best Swedish Metal album 2011! ($14/€11)

    identity in Christ

    Flagship  Maiden VoyageFLAGSHIP - Maiden Voyage
    Symphonic rock of highest calibre for fans of Kansas and Styx featuring members of Narnia and Modest Attraction. Kerry Livgrenalso participate on one track. ($19/€16)

    Harmony  Chapter II: AftermathHARMONY - Chapter II: Aftermath
    Excellent Melodisc & Progressive Metal of highest calibre! CD is wellproduced and sound is heavier and more progressive than their debut.Album sounds kinda like a mix of Yngwie Malmsteen and Dream Theatre.($14/€11)


    Harmony  End of my roadHARMONY - End of My Road
    Very rare EP in limited edition. It contains five tracks and two of them are exclusive for this EP! ($7/€6)


    Harmony Dreaming AwakeHARMONY - Dreaming Awake
    Fantastic good Melodic Metal with tons of guitar solos and hooks! An excellent album and the best metal album of 2003! ($10/€9)


    Heartcry  LightmakerHEARTCRY - Lightmaker
    Classic 70s metal with melodies, heaviness and much attitude. ($16/€13)

    burn out
    end of times

    Heartcry FirehouseHEARTCRY - Firehouse
    70s metal with much hammond organ and some Jerusalem influences. ($14/€11)

    long way to go

    Hero  ImmortalHERO - Immortal
    Heavy and melodic metal with many nice hooks for fans av Him. ($14/€11)

    Laudamus  LaudamusLAUDAMUS - Laudamus
    Great collection with rerecording of Unlimited Love as well as tunes from their previous EPs. Good melodic metal with a sound similar to Stryper (Against The Law era), Bloodgood, Leviticus etc. ($7/€6)

    I'm on my way

    Leviticus  Live at Bobfest 2003LEVITICUS - Live at Bobfest 2003
    Fantastic live CD with Leviticus! Brilliant sound quality showing Leviticus at their best. Contains classic from all their albums. The style is pure 80s Metal filled with nice hooks and guitar solos.Definately a must have for fans of Classic Melodic Metal overall and especially for fans of Leviticus! ($13/€11)

    on the rock
    all is calm

    Leviticus Best ofLEVITICUS - Best of
    Great collection filled with hits from all their albums. ($13/€11)

    Narnia  Decade of ConfessionNARNIA - Decade of Confession (Dubbel-CD)
    Double CD in exclusive digipack version with Narnia! Great collection filled with classics, a couple of new tracks, Japanese bonus tracks etc. It also contains a very cool booklet with 20 pages of exclusive pictures and the history of the band. Definately a must have for all Narnia fans!It also works perfect as introduction to this classic Melodic Metal band. ($25/€22)

    Narnia   Course of a GenerationNARNIA - Course of A Generation
    This time German Pascual takes care of the vocals. Stylewise this is heavy melodic metal with nice guitar solos. Great album with a heavier more modern sound than previous albums. ($10/€9)

    kings will come

    Narnia  Enter The GateNARNIA - Enter The Gate
    This albums got the rate 9 of 10 German Metal Magazine Rock Hard! The catchy melodies from Narnia's albums is now back again and the sound is heavier than ever. Production is topnotch. This digipack version also contains bonus track Hymn To The North. ($14/€11)


    Narnia  AwakeningNARNIA - Awakening
    Narnia's first album! Melodic Metal with tons of guitar solos in the calibre of Yngwie Malmsteen. ($14/€11)

    break the chains
    heavenly love

    Narnia  Desert LandNARNIA - Desert Land
    Good quality melodic metal. ($14/€11)

    misty morning

    ReinXeed  1912REINXEED - 1912
    ReinXeed gives us an album filled with majestic and symphonic power metal with catchy hooks, mighty choirs and tasty guitar solos. Catchy, Melodic and Symphonic Power Metal of highest calibre. ($14/€11)

    the final hour

    ReinXeed  HigherREINXEED - Higher
    ReinXeed second album filled with symphonic and melodic power metal with many great guitar solos. ($7/€6)

    ReinXeed  MajesticREINXEED - Majestic
    Catchy, Melodic and Symphonic Power Metal of highest calibre. Their best album and definately a must have for all into Power Metal! ($14/€11)


    ReinXeed  The LightREINXEED - The Light
    ReinXeed hails from Norrland, the northern region of Sweden. They deliver their own kind of Power Metal with amazing vocals and wonderful guitar solos. Check them out if your into Power Metal. ($10/€8)

    One of their best albums. It is influenced by their early classic albums Material Sanctuary and Fall Babylon Fall ($14/€11).

    doom of man-->

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