20%  SALE  FOR  20  DAYS!!

Metal Community was started 1999 and now celebrates 20 years. I want to celebrate this with YOU with a 20% sale that goes on for 20 days! The prices for everything in the shop (except the vinyls) are 20% less than the listed prices. After you have placed an order the total price will be reduced 20%. Shipping will then be added. The sale starts now and goes on until November 30th. The sale lasts as long as inventory lasts, so if youfind something interesting make sure you don't wait too long before you order...

christian metal shop metal commmunity celebrates 20 years with a 20 day 20% sale!


  • Time for Summer sale! The sale goes on until last of July or as long inventory lasts. The sale includes the sections CDs,Swedish (CDs) and DVDs

    UPDATE 160317

  • March SALE!! Cut prices with $4 / €4 on all CDs and DVDS! Check it out on the sections CDs, Swedish and DVDs!

    UPDATE 160502

    Added a brand new section with embedded sound files and videos to many of the CDs and DVDs we sell. So now you can check out the clips and then click on the link to getmore info about the CD/DVD. Check it out hereYou can also access it from the main meny.

    UPDATE 160321

    Improved the logotype! Now it fits in much better with the black background.